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Insulation and Scaffolding

Mercon, an affiliated company of Nederex, is specialized in the field of insulation and tubular scaffolding for the petro (chemical) industry and Utility sector on the ABC Islands of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba for the past 35 years.

Rockwool insulation
aluminium jacketing on piping

12.000m3 seawater destiller on KAE for Sidem France


Industrial scaffold application

Tubular scaffold are erected on high and difficult to reach places, for example inside storage vessels, ships, jetties or petrochemical installations each scaffold erected is made to fit c.q. to reach where work has to be carried out under relatively safe conditions. Tubular scaffolds are erected with scaffold pipes, clamps and boards that can be easily manhandled without cranes of other devices, your scaffold will be custom made, tailored to your need and timeframe. Chamber scaffold are prefabricated (welded) structures for fast erections in places where excess is no problem and the working height does not exceed 5 meters. These scaffold are relatively light and could be moved on the spot to reduce erection costs, usually


these chamber scaffolds are used to paint domestic houses and in the petrochemical industry on easy to reach trouble spots. Polyurethane insulation free molded, for any shape of application in large quantities, this particular application is used to prevent the warming-up of refrigerated products or goods, stored in:
Storage tanks - Vessels - containers or refrigerator units such as chillerbanks


Rockwool blanket insulation with aluminum jacketing in various size's and thickness, this particular application is used to prevent products from cooling down through heatloss, to the maximum extent on:

hot service pipelines - hot service - storage vessels - boilers




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