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Our "Aquajet"® units, operating pressures are from 2000 bar at 16 ltr/mnt (with one blaster) to 2400 bar at 35 ltr/mnt, blasting with two guns simultaneously.

Hammelmann "Aquajet"® Ultra high pressure pump unitAquajet16

Typical applications are:
General industrial works
* rust removal
* heat exchanger cleaning
* structural and machine maintenance
* abrasive cutting
Construction industry
* removal of coatings from walls and floors
* exposing reinforcing bars
* roughening and preparation works on concrete and stone surfaces
Marine industry
* stripping and derusting ballast tanks, cargo holds, double bottoms
* cleaning and stripping decks, superstructures, companion ways, winches and anchor chains
* hull surface preparation to NACE/SSPC standard "WJ1/SC2"

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