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General Insulation and Conservation Contractors
The Nederex Group


6 inch rockwool insulation & tubular scaffolding on
12.000 m3 seawaterdestiller on KAE premises

(G)eneral (I)nsulation and (C)onservation (C)ontractors (GICC) Inc.

GICC has been founded nearly seven (7) years ago together with its present managing director Adriaan Prins, whom has been the former managing director of Schildersbedrijf Pouw Inc, Adriaan has been working in the paint application industry for the past 30 years of his professional carrier.

In order to work as economically as possible and through diversification, our supervision and laborers are multiple skilled and used in various aspects of our services to the industry, we are active on all Islands of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, GICC is presently the largest contractor in its field.


Rockwool blanket insulation with aluminum jacketing in various size's and thickness, aluminum jacketing will be prefabricated in our own shop, tailor made to the needs, rockwool application is used to prevent heatloss on: hot service lines, hot service storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers and hot service vessels

Polyurethane insulation free molded, for any shape of application in large quantities is used to prevent the warming up of refrigerated products, such: Chillers banks, Cold storage tanks, Frigerated vessels and Frigerated containers

Our semi automatic application system will ensure proper densities and guarantees proper application.

Refractory insulation is applied precasted, casted or by means of guniting machines that will spray the refractory materials in place, refractory is used in the industry on: Furnaces, chimneys, ducts, boilers, columns and vessels

Industrial tubular scaffold

Tubular scaffolds are erected on high and difficult to reach places, for example inside storage tanks, on jetties or petro-chemical installations. Each scaffold is made to fit c.q. to reach where worked has to be carried out under relatively safe conditions. Tubular scaffolds are erected with scaffold pipes, clamps and boards, that can easily be man handled without the use of cranes or other lifting devices, your scaffold will be custom made, tailored to your needs.


rockwool insulation & aluminium jacketing
on steam pipe

Chamber scaffold are prefabricated (welded) structures for fast erection in places where excess is no problem and the working height does not exceed 5 mtrs. These scaffolds are relatively light and could be moved on the spot to reduce time and erection costs.

Blasting and painting systems

One of our main activities is special paint system application on industrial objects, our cleaning medium consists of grit or high pressure water blasting, whatever method is required or approved by our customers. Our applicators and supervision have many years of experience with AVF, HEMPEL, SIGMA and DEVOE paint systems on: storage vessels pipelines, jetties, petro-chemical installations, shiphulls and steel structures

Fiberglass and cementlining

Fiberglass application has been successfully applied to surfaces on pipelines and vessels it will protect the internal/external surfaces against aggressive mediums such as seawater, groundwater and acids.

Cementlining is applied to smaller pipelines where fiberglass application will be impossible or not desirable, obvious its application is more economical in raw material and presents the alternative for cost reduction, cementlining is mostly applied on fire fighting lines in combination with seawater as medium.

Concrete structures and repairs

Concrete repairs is an extension on our refractory activities, repairs on Petro- chemical installation foundations are mostly difficult to reach or in odd places where standard in place casting will be difficult if not impossible, our guniting crew gets in and get the job done with special concrete application and materials to ensure a proper and lasting repair.

Concrete casting in place for structures and foundations are obviously services that fit into our package, however is done on a small scale basis.

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